What is ISO

ISO Image file is a single large file that is a representation of the whole set of data and programs as it will appear on a disc. It contains the complete image of a disc. A disc image refers to both content and logical format. It can be useful to:

1. Replicate your CD/DVD further, using CD/DVD mastering programs such as Adaptec Easy CD Creator, Nero Burning ROM, Record Now Max etc.

2. Write the disc image to hard drive once, and then record it several times to different CD/DVDs to save processing time.

3. Create a disc image file to be written to CD/DVD on another system (UNIX, Macintosh).

4. Backup CD/DVD data.

5. Use for a virtual CD/DVD drive. You can mount an ISO image file to a virtual drive.

6. Used to transfer CD/DVD images over the Internet.

CloneDVD from Aviosoft can convert DVD to ISO files.


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