Capture images while watching DVD movies

When I am watching the DVD movie on my computer, if I encounter the images I love, I will instantly capture the images and save them. Have you known how to watch DVD movies using your computer and capture the favorite images from DVD movies? In fact, it’s super easy to watch DVD movies on computer and capture the images from DVD movies if you are using the third party DVD player software. Here I recommend a powerful DVD player named DVD X Player from Aviosoft, Inc. which offers to play any DVD movies on Windows operating system and supports capturing images from the DVD movies. It’s super easy to capture images from DVD movies while watching DVDs if you are using DVD X Player.

Step 1: download DVD X Player from from Internet. Then set up the .ext application by following the installation wizard. Then launch the DVD player software instantly to free try playing DVD discs on PC and capturing your favorite images from DVD movies.

Step 2: insert your DVD disc into the DVD drive. DVD X Player will auto decrypt the DVD and open the DVD movies. You can freely choose your favorite DVD contents to play from the menu.

Step 3: open the Advanced Panel in which contains Capture Image button in the Navigator

Step 4: while watching the DVD movie, you encounter the image you love and want to capture it and save it. Just click Capture Image button, our DVD player will instantly capture the image for you and you can freely recapture the image, or preview the image, or delete the image, or rename the image, or save the image to hard disk, or copy the image to clipboard and so on.

It’s really to capture images from DVD movies while watch the DVD, right? I feel it’s so convenient to capture my favorite images from DVD movie while I watching and it’s so wonderful that I can freely edit the captured images.

DVD X Player offers more magic experience for us such as color control, zoom control, converting recorded files and so on. If you need more information about this DVD player and free try it, please visit . In addition, if you have any questions on playing TV programs on your computer, please refer to DTV player.