How to Convert, Rip DVD to MP4

How to watch you DVD movie on your MP4 player or iPod, iPhone, iPad, PSP etc?

It’s so easy for CloneDVD to convert and rip your DVD movie into MP4 format.

CloneDVD can:

  • Rip DVD to iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, iPad 2, BlackBerry, PSP compatible format MP4.
  • Rip DVD to Mobile Phone compatible format 3GP
  • Rip DVD to common video AVI, ASF as output
  • Rip DVD to common audio such as MP3, MP2, AAC, AC3 as output
  • Copy DVD to 4.7GB (DVD-5), 3.95GB (DVD-R v1.0), 8.5GB (DVD-9)
  • Copy DVD to DVD Image (ISO)

Great news, CloneDVD’s free trial version allows you to copy 3 DVDs for free.

Let’s see the step by step guide of copying, converting, ripping you DVD into MP4.

Step 1: Insert original DVD into the DVD drive, CloneDVD automatically identifies and decrypts the DVD and shows its content.

dvd to mp4

Step 2: do some settings.

In Target, set your destination folder for the burned file.

In Copy as, select Movie File.

In Output Format, select a specific device as output such as iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, iPad 2, BlackBerry, PSP.

dvd to mp4

CloneDVD supports customizing the parameters of video resolution, bitrate, frame rate, and audio bitrate, sample rate, channel.

dvd to mp4

Step 3: Choose a copy mode.

Entire disc will copy your original DVD disk to a new one. All the menus, audio and subtitle will be cloned.

Main Movie auto copies only the main movie part of the DVD along with main movie title. No extras will be copied. This way you can reduce the amount of the compression and improve the quality of the copied movie.

dvd to mp4

Customize can copy exactly the content of the DVD you want. It means you can select only the titles, the chapter, the audio, and subtitle you want.

DVD Rip can Clip any part of the original DVD movie no matter of the length, can Crop the unwanted frame of the original DVD movie to create your own movie, can add your favorite text as watermark to embed in the movie, can Merge two or more titles/clips into one output video.

dvd to mp4

Step 4: Click Start to convert DVD to MP4!

CloneDVD gives me a lot help when I copy, split, convert, and rip my DVD movies. Hope the same to you.