How to Convert DVD to PSP

As we know, PSP (PlayStation Portable) is one of the most popular portable devices in the marketing which unveiled on May 11, 2004 Sony press conference in Japan. The PSP is widely known by the series code (PSP-1000, PSP-2000, etc.). Most models is not only a handheld video game console, but an entertainment centre. The user can listen to the music and watch movies on PSP. There just is one key point that needs to be fixed that is to convert all media to the format which PSP can be compatible.

In 2004, many solution providers started to fix the PSP format converting problem. Now Aviosoft is one of the pioneer solution providers which developed Aviosoft DVD to PSP Converter in 2005 which can work well in converting DVD video to PSP. Additionally, it is compatible with most modules of PSP Series, such as PSP-1000, PSP-2000. PSP-3000, PSP Go, etc. Let us have a brief view on how Aviosoft DVD to PSP Converter works.

Firstly, users can download Aviosoft DVD to PSP Convert on Aviosoft Download centre. It is free trial for 14 days. In the two weeks, we can have an good evaluation on most features.

Secondly, install the download file on hard drive and run it as below:


Thirdly, insert the source DVD to DVD Drive. Aviosoft DVD to PSP Converter allows users to freely select the needed title to convert. All the users need to do is uncheck the unwanted title on DVD Content box as below:


The last step is to click on the sparkling “Start” button on the right bottom corner. Just one click to finish converting video to PSP, that’s so good.