How to Convert MKV Files with Aviosoft Video Converter

Hi, I got a bunch of MKV files and I now want to play them on my PC, but it cannot work properly and I’ve tried many tool, however, all failed, so you guys have any good idea to help me convert the MKV files.-From Yahoo Answer


Before a step by step instruction about how to convert MKV files with the reliable Aviosoft Video Converter, here is a brief introduction about MKV files, now let know some basic facts about MKV files first.


What is MKV

MKV, standing for MatrosKa Video, is the open standard Matroska Multimedia Container format for video, while MKA for audio and MKS for subtitle. Generally speaking, apart from MP4 & AVI, MKV can be recognized as one of the most popular video formats nowadays. If you like surfing the video-share website and downloading videos online, you will find that most of the downloaded videos are in MKV format. Mainly for its strong compatibility with almost any video codec in the world, MKV becomes more and more popular. However, Matroska nests and root in Russia, which, to some degree makes it more difficult to play MKV video. Users will encounters such as situation: when they get an MKV video and try to play it with the installed player software in their PC system, they will find the PC fails to play the video. Why it happens, that is all about the special decoder for the codec in the MKV video is usually required. Therefore you badly need a video conversion app to help you get rid of video compatibility dilemma.


This article exists to help you know how to convert MKV video to other formats so you can play it back effortlessly on your Mac or PC.


How to Convert MKV to Other Video Formats


When you’re failed to play MKV video, you can either switch to a more powerful MKV player or convert MKV to a universal video format like MOV or WMV. The Aviosoft Video Converter is professional yet reliable video conversion software. With it, you will never be troubled by video format incompatibility. Download the Aviosoft Video Converter from And the product offers free trial. Here we’ll show you how to convert MKV with Aviosoft Video Converter. The video quality will be 100% preserved.

Step 1: Add MKV Files to Aviosoft Video Converter. Run the Aviosoft Video Converter after installation. Then to import MKV files.

Step 2: Click the drop-down button of the “Profile” to select the output format.

Step 3: Specify the output path to preserve converted videos.

Step 4: Click the Start button and convert MKV video to the selected output format.