Get the right solution to rip DVD movies for portable use

Copying video files from DVD is still considered piracy. Actually it is a legal gray area; copying DVD for personal use could be considered “fair use” because you are only using the contents you bought; you are not selling the copy or giving to others for commercial use.

And there are many reasons that you want to rip DVDs to other formats. You need them to be played on other devices. If you are on travel, it is difficult for you to carry many discs or DVD player, or computer. No matter the reason, there is software that will help you rip DVD to a format that you can enjoy on the go.

Search in the Google, you will get thousands of options. The DVD converters all work in basically the same way. You import the DVD into your DVD drive, select the output file format to output and click start. The process can take some time depending on the computer and the software itself. It’s good to just walk away for a while since all video conversions will finish.

Once done, you should find your movie in the proper format ready to be transferred to your device. If you’re converting your movies for travel, I recommend you to test them at home to ensure they work. This saves you the heartache of sitting down on the plane just to find out that your conversion won’t work.

The most popular format must be MP4, since it can be played on Apple iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and many mobile phones, tablets. And also 3GP can be played on many mobile phones. Clone DVD for Mobile could be your ideal choice. It is able to rip any DVD to MP4 for almost all smart phones. There are five output types for you to choose: MP4-BlackBerry, MP4-Apple iPhone, MP4-Apple iPod, 3GP and MP4-Sony PSP. With this feature, you can freely enjoy your favorite DVD on your smart phones.