Top Romantic Movies for Share on Valentine’s Day

Every February 14, rose, candy, chocolate and gifts are exchanged between loved ones all in the name of St. Valentine. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love, the most wonderful feeling in the world. Lucky are those who are loved and cared for. No matter you are flying solo or spending the romantic moment with the one you love, why not forgetting the work in hand and dine out and catch a flick. Go to the cinema or snuggle up on the sofa with a cup of coffee and a bucket of popcorn and pick some movies in love theme.  There is nothing wonderful than this.

Top Romantic Movies for Share on Valentine’s Day:

1. Gone With the Wind: If a classic romance is what you desire, look no further than this epic film. Scarlett O’Hara – a Southern belle who suddenly has to face the Civil War and Reconstruction which bring an end to her world, and Rhett Butler, the sardonic blockade runner who falls in love with her.

2. Pretty Woman: Despite a controversial storyline that puts Richard Gere and Julia Roberts together — he’s a businessman and she’s a prostitute — the theme of the movie is how love has no social boundaries, and sometimes it’s better to look beyond one’s own backyard for the love of your life.

3. Legends of the Fall: A tragic but inspiring tale of three brothers who all fall in love with the same woman, Susannah, for different reasons, although only one eventually marries her in the end. Family strife and complications show the darker side of love.

4. Sleepless in Seattle: Sam loses his wife, Maggie, and has to raise his son, Jonah, alone in their new hometown of Seattle. Annie, a Baltimore reporter, hears his heartbreaking tale when Jonah calls a self-help radio talk show on Christmas Eve. Annie becomes fascinated with Sam’s story and wonders if they should meet.

5. An Affair to Remember: The American Film Institute ranks this 1957 classic as one of the most romantic movies of all-time. This story about two individuals who fall in love and agree to meet up at the top of the Empire State Building after six months, if they are able to end the unhappy relationships they are already in, has some tragic twists but those looking for a happy ending won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy the romantic moment with your lover and prepare fall in love with love.

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