Trim video clips and then convert to iPod

How to trim video clips?

In fact, it’s super easy to trim the video for keeping the favorite parts you want. I find powerful iPod video converter software from Aviosoft, Inc. We can use it to easily trim the video clips and then convert the clips to our iPod Touch, iPod nano, iPod classic(MPEG-4 vide), iPod Shuffle,  iPod Touch 4, iPod Touch 4HD (H264 video).

Step 1: download this iPod video converter from from Internet, then set up the .exe file by following the installation wizard, then instantly launch the iPod video converter to free try it and use it to trim your videos.

Step 2: load your videos into the main interface. Aviosoft iPod video converter supports almost all files formats including HD videos.

Step 3: trim video clips. Click the Clip button on the tool bar to load the Clip window which offers to preview the video, helping us decide the trimming start point and the end point. When we want to begin trimming the video, just click the button of Set Clip Start Point and click the Set Clip End Point button to stop trimming the video. The clipped video will be shown in the below column and the time of the trimmed video will be shown out as well. We can delete the unsatisfied clips and make the new video clips as we wish.

Step 4: click OK button to finish trimming video clips and the video clips will be loaded to the main interface.

How to convert the trimmed video clips to your iPod?

After trimming video clips, it’s super easy to convert the video clips to your iPod using Aviosoft iPod video converter.

Step 1: select the trimmed video clips you want to convert, then click the Setting button to open the setting window.

Step 2: in the profile drop down list, choose the output iPod device you want to convert onto. Besides, we can also set the parameters of video size, frame rate, video bitrate, audio channel, sample rate, and audio bitrate. Then click the OK button to save the changes.

Step 3: set the output folder where you want to save the converted files, then click Start button to convert the video clips to iPod. After the conversion, then transfer the files onto iPod for playback.

Do you completely know how to trim video clips and then convert them to iPod? If you want to free try this iPod video converter and need more information of it, please visit

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