Windows 8 will be applied on mobile phone

Windows 8 is a tablet OS that will also run on desktop or laptop. As Windows 8 will be released later this year, it provides an integrated OS for laptops, desktops and tablet, and new plan comes from Microsoft for its next phone. However we do not know the exact time when Windows Phone 8 will be making its way to a handset near you.

“Windows Phone 8 is codenamed ‘Apollo’ and is due to be released after ‘Tango’, the next update to Windows Phone 7.” News is leaked from Microsoft’s Windows Phone manager.

According to the reports, the Apollo OS will provide support for multi-core processors, four different screen resolutions, removable microSD cards, wireless e-commerce, and near-field communication, which allows tap-to-share functionality that will work with other phones, computers and tablets.

The improved data synchronization means that music collection and Xbox gaming data will be shared seamlessly between computers and mobile phones.

The interface of Windows 8 and Apollo are expected to be similar form the aspect of user interface and application development. And phone 8 is expected to reuse kernel, networking stack, security and multimedia coding of Windows 8.

A Windows Phone app for the VoIP service will debut alongside Apollo and will feature deep integration with the OS, including the ability to place calls the same as you would standard voice calls. A new live tile and app called DataSmart will make it easier for users to manage their data usage and ensure they don’t end up eating insane overage fees. To milk every last bit out of that data plan Windows Phone will favor Wi-Fi over a cellular connection and can be programmed to automatically connect to carrier-owned hotspots when they’re in range. All indications suggest that Windows phone will keep pace with Android and iOS.